De-Cluttering Your Life On-Line in 3 Simple Steps

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De-Cluttering your on-line life is so rewarding!

De-cluttering is an activity that many take up in the early weeks of the New Year.

The focus is often on kitchens, dens, bedrooms, basements, garages – the places in and around your house where things accumulate. And there’s lots of good advice out there for organizing drawers and closets, streamlining spaces and  simplifying your life.

Can you connect with the open and relaxed energy that comes after you’ve cleared your desk or dresser of clutter? It’s a wonderful sense of expansiveness and calm.

Indeed, de-cluttering enhances you experience of each moment and increases your ability to focus your energy where it needs to go – rather than letting it leak out, fractured and dissipated by a cacophony of clutter!

So here’s the thing — you know how much de-cluttering helps when you apply it in your kitchen — but what about your on-line life?

  • How much are you distracted by the e-mails that have piled in your in-box?
  • Are the apps on your iPad scattered across screens and difficult to find?
  • How about your on-line to-do list? Are you piling too many things onto it?
  • Is your PC or laptop’s desktop littered with old documents that you no longer need?

De-cluttering your on-line life is a perfect way to round out your de-cluttering activities in the new year. It significantly de-stresses your life, and is something that you can maintain without too much trouble throughout the year.

De-cluttering your On-Line Life — 3 Simple Steps

  • Step #1: First choose the area that you want to focus on. Maybe you feel like you have a too may apps on your iPad. Go through your apps screen by screen and remove the ones that you don’t use. You can also consolidate similar apps into folders for easier retrieval. The same concepts apply to your desktop on your PC or laptop. There are few things as stress inducing as an overflowing in-box! For e-mail, I suggest creating storage folders with labels that fit your needs and work-style. This lets you move mail out of your in-box and into places where you know you’ll be able to find it when you need it.
  • Step #2: Don’t overwhelm yourself here, or you’ll stop. Set doable de-cluttering goals and reward yourself for each step. You’ll build your own momentum as you begin to reap the benefits of this process.
  • Step #3: Schedule regular de-cluttering sessions as you move through the year. Things accumulate — it’s a fact of life. De-cluttering is like weeding a garden. You can assume that the weeds will come — and the more regular you are about tending to them, the easier your work will be.

So what will be your first step today for de-cluttering your on-line life?

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