Dealing with Misfortunes, Whether They’re Big or Small


Misfortunes – 3 Tips that really help!

Misfortunes pull us up short when we least expect it. This is disorienting and disturbing.

It reminds us that life is unpredictable at its core … and it can certainly be a challenge sometimes.

Maybe it’s something really big that comes along and knocks you off track. Or maybe it’s everyday glitches and annoyances that pile up until you feel undone and overwhelmed.

Whatever misfortunes you experience, here are 3 tips that I always find helpful. No matter what events or situations are affecting you, these tips help you find your way when life hands you lemons!

Timely Tips for Coping with Misfortunes

Tip #1:  Take time and give yourself some space.

What you are feeling means that you have suffered a loss. It is very important that you take time to honor that, along with all the emotions that it brings up for you. If you don’t, and instead try to push through, minimizing your feelings, your energy will be sapped. You’ll ultimately find yourself stuck, even though time continues to move forward.

Tip #2:  Put your misfortunes into context.

Remind yourself of what remains — what you have not lost. It can be helpful in these moments to run through a list of the things that you value and feel grateful for. This exploration of your values and of gratitude reestablishes your equilibrium.

Tip #3:  Think about what you would say to a good friend in your situation. 

We are often more balanced, gentle, and optimistic when giving our friends advice than we are with ourselves. Giving yourself the benefit of your own compassion does wonders for your perspective and your energy.

So, the next time life throws you a big (or even a small) curve ball, try using these tips. I’d love to hear how it goes.

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