Dealing With Difficult Personalities Takes Time and Energy


Dealing with difficult personalities requires boundaries.

Dealing with difficult personalities in our lives is a challenge.

It takes discipline and practice. And the path isn’t without its bumps.

But, as you become more skilled at managing your time and relationship boundaries, you’ll find that all sorts of new possibilities open up for you.

Here’s one example of something you might try:

Keep your gears in “neutral.”

Is someone trying to commandeer your time? Resist the natural urge to escalate. Instead, consciously relax to create an inner mood of spaciousness and curiosity.

Let’s say a co-worker pleads for you to bail her out of a hot spot. And let’s say this has happened many times before.

Try restating her predicament calmly, with no blaming or value judgment. You benefit in two significant ways:

  • First, you provide yourself with valuable breathing room while acknowledging that you understand the request.
  • Second, by reframing the situation from your perspective, you make it clear that you are assessing it for yourself.

Next, include your commitments in the narrative. This extends the overview beyond your coworker’s urgency and limited perspective.

Refusing to reflexively respond to another’s crisis is an act of assertiveness and self-esteem. You create a crucial shift in power by using this simple technique.

Does this sound like something you could try today? What will be your first step?

Here’s more help dealing with difficult personalities…

Setting and maintaining boundaries is a skill that makes everything else in your life possible. And it’s a difficult challenge for lots of smart, motivated people. People like you.

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