Declutter Your Tabs for Faster Browsing and Finding Time

Too many tabs.

Declutter your tabs to find more time.

Browsing the web means opening tabs.

And often, for those who work on the web or are engaged in social networking, you find yourself with lots and lots of tabs open.

This creates clutter and unnecessary confusion. And that’s not all. It also slows your browser speed considerably, which significantly cuts into your efficiency while adding to your frustration.

Think about your online work style. What do you do when you are reading an article and come upon an interesting link?

You and your tabs…

If you’re like many people, you click the link and, more often than not, that, in turn, opens a new tab. And now you face two basic choices:

  • Do you go ahead and immediately read what you’ve opened?
  • Or do you want to save it to check it out later?

Reading the material immediately is the surest way to cut out clutter. But what if you don’t have time to do that? Well, then you have some other choices. You can:

  • Leave the tab open and plan to come back to it later;
  • Bookmark the tab so that it’s accessible quickly in your browser, but not held open in a tab; or
  • Clip the material into an online service like Evernote, One Note, Pocket, or any number of other options.

Pros and cons of open tabs.

Leaving your information available on an open tab has the advantage of making it easily and quickly available to you. That’s the main positive aspect of keeping your tab open. So, if you are truly going to read the material soon (like today) this practice works.

However, if you are like many people, you find LOTS of interesting information in your online travels. That leads to lots of open tabs, and eventually to the stress and confusion of online clutter.

Don’t underestimate the stress that clutter creates. It’s a silent energy drain that eats up time and productivity. AND the more tabs you have open, the more slowly your browser is going to work.

So, I recommend that you either bookmark interesting material or clip it to another service if you’re not going to look at it right away. But you don’t want to just clutter up your bookmarks or your other apps, either.

So, as an added aid to decluttering, I recommend that you add reading ‘assignments’ to your to-do list. That way, you’ll make your way through the reading material that you’ve flagged for yourself, AND you’ll be actually using your resources while decluttering your collections.

And this helps you find time, too…

For web-based solopreneurs and small business owners, it’s always important to be visible and active on social networks. But it’s challenging because distractions on the web are tempting – and when you’re busy, that can be disastrous.

Maybe you give in – just for a second. You click that link or open that new tab. But then you feel like you’ve wasted time, fallen further behind, and your stress grows. It’s an energy-draining cycle that no one needs. So, today I’m sharing a new Finding Time resource. It’s titled “Step Out of the Social Media Trap: 5 Keys to Engagement and Success While Staying on Top of Your Time” and it contains tips, tools and practical advice that I’ve shared with my clients through time. Now I’m sharing it with you.

Social networking needn’t be a time drain for you. So Step Out of the Social Media Trap offers a blueprint for setting and maintaining time boundaries and increasing your productivity. It applies to your online work and also to LOTS of other areas in your life.

Eliminate the frustration of this sneaky time trap. Here’s your very own, step-by-step, time-saving guide that will help you create your Social Media Time Plan and find time for what matters most to you.

Learn more HERE.

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