Declutter Your Space and Time with the Noguchi Filing System

declutter file cabinets

Declutter your space today…

Have you ever felt like you needed to declutter your workspace? (Who hasn’t?)

And have you heard of the Noguchi Filing System?

Well, if filing often falls to the bottom of your priority list, I think you’ll find this helpful.

Especially when you’re pressed for time, filing often feels like an extra, cumbersome step. You know it’s important, but when it comes to your priorities, it slips down the list. And then by the time you do get to the fling your papers have piled so high that the task is daunting. And yes, maybe it’s daunting enough to discourage you from starting at all.

But clutter, in and of itself, creates stress and is a major contributor to feelings of overwhelm.

So, wouldn’t a filing system that helps you declutter and requires NO time be a wonderful addition to your time management skill set?

Declutter Your Space in No Time:

The idea I want to share with you today is attributed to the Japanese Economist Yukio Noguchi and is known as the Noguchi Filing System.

This system uses your everyday workflow to naturally prioritize and organize your projects.  Its genius is that it requires no thought or effort on your part, aside from a bit of preliminary preparation.

Here’s how David Caolo describes that first step on his website unclutterer:

Instead of a filing cabinet or set of drawers, you’ll need an open shelf and several 9 x 12 (or larger) envelopes. Using scissors, cut the flap off the top of the envelope …  Next, write the date and title [of the project or task] along the side of the envelope … Make one envelope per project and place the envelopes next to each other on the shelf, with the date and title side facing outward.

You can use envelopes or folders if you prefer – whatever works for you.

Once you have your folders set up, all you need to do is the following:

After you’ve used a folder, return it to the far left side of the shelf.

That’s it. Whenever you take a folder down and use it, just return it to the far left.

I wasn’t joking when I said this required no thought or effort on your part.

This System Really Works

What happens over time, as you practice the Noguchi Filing System, is that your frequently-used files migrate to the left-hand side of your shelf, and those that you seldom or never access or use move to the middle and to the right.

Eventually, you’ll find that the folders on the far right can be archived or purged.  With these seldom-or-never-used files, some people choose to scan the material and retain it in a digital archive, thereby cutting down on paper clutter and saving space.

Add Color-coding

Color-coding your folders adds a further element of organization to your space. And this makes it that much easier to find what you need.

I think you’ll discover that, using the Noguchi System, your files will be more organized and your ability to quickly access information will be greatly enhanced.

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