Delayed Gratification: The Skill that Empowers

Reframe your goals as choices.

Delayed gratification isn’t a skill that people naturally gravitate toward – not in today’s world.

In fact, when fast food and quick sound bites tend to be our daily fare, it’s hard to even picture how delayed gratification could be a good thing.

But believe me, it is.


Well, we live in a very busy world. Finding time and meeting goals and commitments is a challenge that we all confront daily.  Self-discipline and delayed gratification are key ingredients in any effort to find time to follow-through on priorities.  And yet, both of them often have a connotation of scarcity and of self-denial.

I’d like to turn that idea on its head today and reframe delayed gratification as a positive, proactive, and affirming skill that creates the base for making your goals into realities. 

Delayed gratification is affirmative.

While it may seem like you’re depriving yourself when you practice this skill, you’re actually affirming your goal.

So, think of delayed gratification as giving yourself the space to voice a strong and consistent ‘Yes’ to your top priorities.

I have published an article in titled Time Management Tips – How to Boost Productivity Using Delay of Gratification.  In this article, I refer to the “first discipline” in Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled.  There are 5 benefits that grow out of developing your self-discipline and your ability to delay gratification to further your larger goals.

Honing this discipline for yourself develops many strengths and attributes that go well beyond the present moment. They will serve you well in all sorts of situations.

Treat delay of gratification like a muscle you build. Start small, collect successes, and work your way up. The more consistently you exercise this muscle the more strength and flexibility you manifest.

As you clearly visualize the achievement of your long-term goal, you experience satisfaction. This gratification helps you stay on course, as it makes it more compelling than the distraction that had been calling out to you.

You’ll learn as you go. And the more patience and compassion you extend to yourself, the more readily you’ll embrace this discipline and make it your own.

So, ask yourself…

What is challenging for you about keeping your eye on the prize? 

How do you respond to distractions now? 

And how do you validate yourself when you delay gratification and stick with your goals? 

What will you do today to expand on this base?

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