Digging Out Opens Your Space and Time to Something New


Digging out starts today…

Ready to make time for digging out this week? January presents a perfect opportunity for this.

Whether it’s from under piles of snow or from under piles of clutter, when you decide to start digging out, you’re making a positive choice.

Digging out your clutter:

Clutter is daunting. There’s no two ways about it. For me, it’s paper.  Though much of my work is online, I prefer to do my reading the old fashioned way, rather than on a computer screen.  Couple that with the fact that I find LOTS of things interesting, and I am sure that you can picture the piles.

Well, this New Year’s I resolved to chip away at that clutter as part of my larger goal of giving myself more expansive time and space.  And while digging out originally looked like an overwhelming task, it’s actually become enjoyable and empowering.

Is this something that you want to work on? Here are 3 tips to get you started:

1. Think about it ahead of time.

Before you start your de-cluttering task, think about what you will let go of and what you will keep.  Entering the task with a “letting go” mindset and having some clear parameters for yourself will mean fewer questions while you are working.  That means you’ll get a lot more done in the time you’ve allotted.

2. Set small goals for yourself.

Working small is the surest way to experience success.  This is especially important with tasks that are difficult for you.  Make your goals as concrete as possible, and give yourself a clear, brief timeframe for your work.  That might mean spending 5 minutes getting rid of at least 10 pieces of paper, for example.  The smaller the step the more assured the success.

And just start somewhere. While it is helpful and important to plan ahead, it is also key to “just do it.”  Clutter can easily overwhelm, so focus on your specific goal rather than “the whole.” At first, what you accomplish may be visible only to you, and that’s fine.  You need to celebrate each success and validate your efforts.

3. Your follow-through changes everything.

The promise to yourself as you start digging out is that you WILL get there. And what’s especially empowering is this: Not only will you get there, but each and every time that you follow through on your plan is significant and changes your relationship with yourself.  When you follow through you are building trust and confidence in yourself. And this will carry over into many, many other areas of your life. So you aren’t just transforming your space. This is a process that transforms your relationship with yourself.

Ready to give it a try?  I suggest that you start small, think ahead, and give yourself lots of validation along the way.

What will be your first step today?

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