Find Time to Check for Leaks in Your Digital Time Plan

Digital time plan - do you have one?Having a digital time plan is about being proactive re. your on-line time.  If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner who needs to spend time on-line, it’s vital that you know where your time is going – because time is money (a fact that we all-too-often are tempted to forget).

Why your digital time plan is so important.

I recently read an article that stated that American businesses lose upwards of 6.5 billion dollars during a 15-week fantasy football season.  This is the cost of lost time, as employees’ energy and attention is diverted away from their jobs.  So, as you see, there is a very real cost to the leaks in your digital time plan!

Where does your digital time plan start?

The first thing you give yourself, as you start your digital time plan, is your digital time baseline.  Start with an uncritical, non-judgmental survey of where you go on the web and how much time you spend there.  This basic information gives you the lay of the land, and starting here, you can begin to see what you want to keep and what you want to change.

Being proactive about your digital time plan.

Once you have your baseline, you can create a realistic digital time plan for yourself.  Ask yourself what your time priorities are and identify where, when and how that entails being on the computer and/or being on-line (not always one and the same thing).  In fact, sometimes your focus on your computer work may be significantly enhanced by disconnecting from the internet while you concentrate on a task.

Build rewards and validations into your digital time plan.

Discipline is not about deprivation!  As you create your digital time plan, be sure to include rewards for yourself.  These can certainly include set periods of time surfing the web in ways that you enjoy.  Just be sure that these times are clearly defined.  (I find that using a timer can be very helpful with this.)

Periodically check for leaks in your digital time plan.

The best laid plans will usually erode over time.  That’s why it’s important to check in and see how you are doing with your digital time plan at regular intervals.  This is also a great way to see where and how your needs and interests may be shifting.  You and your business are not static – and certainly the internet isn’t a static venue.

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