Distractions — Are They Your Downfall When You’re Working on the Web?

Distractions on-line

Distractions don’t need to be your downfall.

Distractions are the downfall of many people who spend time on-line.

Indeed, finding focus and sticking with tasks in our web-based world is a challenge for lots of smart, talented and productive people.

Are you one of them?

Well, don’t worry. The good news is, you don’t have to be.

You might employ all the latest apps and have lots of shortcuts and efficiencies at your fingertips. But, if you are still having trouble staying focused and getting your work done on-line, think about this…

Maybe computer distractions are eating your time.

Computer distractions are sneaky time traps. Just think about this fairly typical experience and see if it resonates:

You’re using your Mac or PC or tablet or phone to “do a few things.” An alert pops up or a new e-mail arrives. You figure you’d better take a look.

The next thing you know, 45 minutes have gone by and you haven’t done the things you set out to do.  But you have checked out the latest deals on Amazon, shared some posts on Facebook, and sent a quick e-mail to your son in Arizona.

This is a very common phenomenon.  The computer, while offering a multitude of time-saving opportunities, is also a cornucopia of distractions and temptations to take you off track!

Check it out…

Some time ago I wrote an article titled Time-Management-Techniques—7-Tips-for-the-Internet-to-Trim-Time that offers some tips for navigating cyberspace while avoiding the siren call of distraction. Here are tips #4 and #5, to give you some ideas:

4.  Keep a running list of interesting links you uncover. Promise yourself that you will set aside time to pursue some of these later. This makes it easier to let them go NOW!

5.  Set time parameters for your task, so you don’t get “Lost in (Cyber)Space.” It is very easy to lose time while you are on the computer. On many calendar systems, you can set an alarm. Use this to set a stop time for yourself. If you are at home and resist switching gears, set an alarm in another room to get you out of your chair and away from the temptation. If at work, try scheduling searches right before a meeting or lunch with a colleague.

One of the skills that I don’t mention in my article (but it’s another very important one) is the ability to skim and move on when looking for information on the internet. Rather than reflecting distractibility, I would argue that skimming is a time management skill to be sought and cultivated.

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