Distractions Tripping You Up? Tame Your Time Wasters Today!

Distractions pull you off track

Do distractions pull you off track?

Distractions can almost feel like they have a will of their own, can’t they?

It seems like finding time and staying on track shouldn’t be so hard.

But if you underestimate the power of distractions, you’re going to lose your focus frequently  – it’s almost guaranteed.

Let’s say you’re determined to finish a project. You have your eye out for the really big distractions. But suddenly you ‘come to’ and realize that you’re way off track – and you’re not even sure what just happened.

That’s because it’s often the small, subtle time wasters that are most often going to throw you off. You need to be self-aware and vigilant to catch yourself before falling prey to these distractions.

Here are 3 typical time wasters that will trip you up if you’re not careful …

3 Dastardly Distractions!

1. You plan to go to bed early, but there is an exciting basketball game on TV. The next thing you know, it’s the end of double overtime and you are in bed much later than you had planned, frustrated with yourself because tomorrow is going to be a tough day now.

2. You are going to the gym before work but check your home e-mail before heading out the door. You get caught up in reading and responding, and run out of time. No gym for you today!

3. You are on your way to an important meeting in an unfamiliar area. A song comes on the radio that reminds you of your first boyfriend. You wonder what became of him, daydream briefly, miss your exit, and are late for your meeting.

What Do These 3 Distractions Have In Common?

  • Your focus shifted and you did not do something you had planned to do.
  • You probably thought you were being flexible and going with the flow.
  • You may have felt victimized by the consequence.

Important Distinction: Being flexible and “going with the flow” are NOT the same!  (Click to Tweet)

Being flexible means making a conscious choice to stay on course or to change it. When you do that, you are recognizing and mindfully navigating the choices that your day presents. This is a very empowering distinction to make for yourself, and it is very different from being carried off-course by distractions!

Think about it, the next time a typical time waster tempts you. Take a deep breath, consider your goal, and make a conscious decision. The choice is yours… and each time you make it, you are finding time!

And if you do lose time to distractions, don’t berate yourself! All that means, ultimately, is more lost time. Introducing your Inner Critic to the mix just deflates and discourages you. But you do have choices about this.

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