Do Your Time Traps Reflect Hidden Values Conflicts?


Your values — a sure guide…

What do values have to do with time and with time traps?

Well, consider this scenario: You’ve got a big project to work on, but special pastimes beckon to you invitingly. Then, before you know it, night has fallen. It’s as if your day had a slow leak. What happened to your time?

It got caught in a time trap.

Time traps can be so frustrating, particularly when you’ve resolved, over and over, to “just say no” to certain activities, but still keep saying, “yes!”

Well, why not try a fresh approach?

What if you were to utilize time traps as clues to follow? They’ll help you uncover hidden values conflicts. Then, once the conflicts are visible you are in a position to resolve the underlying issues. And as you do that you liberate power that’s been held hostage to indecision. And you free up your time to move forward.

Start by rethinking what a time trap is.

It’s really a paradox. Even though it punctures your possibilities, each time trap is a deliberate choice you make that serves a specific function in your life.

You choose it, and yet, it works against you. How can this be? Well, perhaps your time trap reflects a battle between conflicting values you hold.

For example, let’s say you spend an extra hour surfing the net for bargains. This means you’ve already used the time that you set aside for starting that project you looked forward to. Your choice to stay online may manifest one of your values conflicts – no doubt a major one.

Once you can recognize and name a point of conflict, you’ve taken a giant step toward getting yourself unstuck. The more you explore the in’s and out’s of your time traps, the clearer you’ll become about where you want to go and how to get there.

Untangle the tangles.

Any time you hold opposing values that jostle one another for top billing, time choices get tangled. How can you remain totally loyal to your plans, if you shift and slide from one set of priorities to another?

When you can’t decide whether to go right or go left, sometimes, you just stay stuck in one place. And your time traps hold you there.

Don’t dig yourself deeper into a rut by spinning your tires or judging yourself. Instead, see this time trap as something to investigate. As your self-understanding grows, you can stabilize your hierarchy of priorities and develop decisiveness. Then, you will experience more inner harmony and enjoy greater effectiveness, too.

Remember – You have the power in your hands, whenever you are ready to take it.

Clarifying values and priorities…

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