Does Your To-Do List Include Dessert?

to-do list
Does your list include dessert?

Dessert? Really? Yes.

Setting goals and then following through on those tasks and responsibilities is a challenge. Indeed, we all work hard to be productive and efficient in our busy lives. And our to-do lists are often filled-to-overflowing.

In fact, we could spend all of our time chipping away at necessary tasks and never complete them.

Dessert, anyone?

So how do you reward yourself for a day well-and-productively-lived? And even more fundamentally, what about the small pleasures that life offers?  How do you find time for them in the midst of all those tasks?

When all’s said and done, what about dessert?”

Well, what I’d suggest is that you use planning, time boundaries, and discipline to make sure that you have time for play and self-care, as well as work.

Here are some ideas…

  • Plan treats and rewards for yourself throughout your day to validate your efforts and recharge your batteries.  The treats don’t need to be edible. They might include things like a walk, a warm bath, a span of time for just surfing the web or for meditating. Plan time for whatever gives you pleasure and energizes you.
  • Time Boundaries will help you follow through on your plan.  If free time on the web is your reward, use a timer so you don’t run over, or short-change yourself.  If exercise is your pleasure, be sure to set aside enough time for everything involved.  Don’t forget warming up, stretching, cooling down, your shower — all the components.
  • Discipline keeps you on track.  When that timer goes off, stop surfing and get back to whatever is next on your list.  If it’s really a dessert that’s your treat and you planned on having one helping, don’t take two. Stick with your plan no matter how tempting it may be to revise on the fly.


Because then you know you can trust yourself to respect the boundaries you set and follow through on your plan with discipline. Knowing that frees you to relax and thoroughly enjoy your “dessert” — whatever form it may take.

So, do you validate and reward yourself for your follow-through? 

I encourage you to make this a staple of your time management repertoire, and I’d love to hear how it goes for you.

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