Don’t Give Your Inner Critic Air Time — It Only Holds You Back

Learn to recognize your Inner Critic.

What’s the Inner Critic? It’s an internal voice that will narrate your life for you if you allow it to.

So, will you? Your answer is important, as it has a huge effect on your energy and your experience of each moment.

Every human being has an Inner Critic. I struggle with this voice as much as the next person.

And so, the first thing I want you to know about your Inner Critic is that this voice has NOTHING useful to say to you.

That bears repeating — and I hope you’ll click to tweet this and spread the word about this destructive voice:

Your Inner Critic has NOTHING
useful to say to you. (Click to Tweet)

Not magic, but practice…

Indeed, since we all have an Inner Critic, what can we each do to quiet that voice? Earlier I shared 2 key tips to get you started on your path to freedom. And today I’ve got 3 more.

Recognizing and quieting this voice isn’t magic. It’s a skill you develop with steady practice. So I invite you to own this process and practice all 5 tips of these tips in your daily life.

Practice really does make perfect. Over time, small changes build into bigger and bigger ones. And in the end, freedom from self-criticism is one of the most profound gifts you can ever give yourself.

Give Your Inner Critic the Heave Ho

  • Don’t Mince Words: Clearly and calmly NAME your critical voice whenever you hear it. This isn’t about reacting. It’s simply about observing and naming.
    • Tell yourself, “This is my Inner Critic talking.”
    • It may seem obvious, but naming is a quietly powerful step because, by labeling this voice, you make yourself, by definition, larger and more powerful. You assert that you see and hear what is going on.
    • Now, the messages of your Inner Critic are powerful only if you believe them. And naming the source means you know the content is questionable.  This helps you separate yourself from your Inner Critic.  And as you let in more light, the power of this fault-finder dissipates more and more.
    • And when you assert your power by naming this part of you, you begin to see the shape and contours of your Inner Critic even more clearly.  You see that this is a mindless voice of negativity.  It is not founded in facts or reason.  Your Inner Critic begins to look like a balloon whose air is slowly leaking out.
  • Respond to the message: Another powerful step you can take is to counter the Inner Critic’s messages with calm, clear, factual statements.
    • Don’t try to argue.  If you do, you just step into a power struggle that will lead nowhere. So don’t react. 
    • Simply speak directly to your Inner Critic from your place of power.  There will be no retort.
  • Don’t let up: Be vigilant. As you recognize the critical messages you give yourself, name them clearly, and respond in a calm and grounded way. 
    • This destructive voice has been a part of your life for a very long time. 
    • It won’t disappear over-night, and it will never go entirely silent. 
    • Typically, it quiets for a time and then re-emerges with a slightly different tone.

Ready for more?

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