Don’t Let Your Pursuit of Excellence Tip into Perfectionism…Online or Off

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Your pursuit of excellence and your time…

The pursuit of excellence is a worthy goal and one that many successful people set for themselves.

Indeed, making time to be the best that you can be and give yourself the best tools to get you there is worth striving for every day.

However, as many of us may have learned the hard way, the pursuit of excellence is fundamentally different from the pursuit of perfection.

Here’s how it sometimes plays out in one familiar venue — our online world.

The pursuit of excellence online.

This holds true in many areas, and it’s no less true when thinking about the apps and tech tools that we use to make our work lives easier.

I’ve written here, in the past, about helpful technological tools. One of the things that strikes me is just how many tools there are out there. And they are ever-evolving, with new ones appearing all the time.

If you think about social media, just as an example, there are hundreds upon hundreds of applications that are aimed at making it easier and faster to share whatever you want to.

Each tool offers a range of capabilities and each is continually tweaking and improving its software. These apps constantly adapt, striving to broaden their market and make themselves more appealing and popular.

It gets noisy…

The sheer volume of helpful tools clamoring to make themselves ‘indispensable’ to us can be overwhelming. 

Not only that but if you are someone who likes to be ahead of the curve, are you constantly on the lookout for the best or the latest or the most popular?

If you are, that can eat up an awful lot of precious time as you strive to save it.

Stay excellent and let go of perfect.

So, how can you manage this?  Well, my advice is to always keep your eyes open.  When you see the “next best thing” don’t be too quick to jump on the bandwagon.

If you’re thinking about a tech tweak, don’t just look at the shiny new features.  Consider, too, the time it will take to learn and get comfortable with a new tool.  Also consider how YOU work.  If you aren’t someone who typically does a lot with mobile devices, do you really need to jump to a new tool because it is totally integrated with the Android or the iPhone?

If it really looks like it’s going to add something significant to your online work, or save you a great deal of time, then go for it. Otherwise, my advice would be to continue to do what you’re good at, not changing it until something that offers a really BIG improvement comes along.

Bottom line? 

Investing your time in becoming adept with whatever tools you use serves you best. Continually upgrading in pursuit of the perfect means having to continually adjust your workflows. Quite simply, the best isn’t always going to be what you need or what helps.

So, how do you approach the newest and best? 

Do you find yourself changing tools a lot? 

What draws you to a new tool or application?

How do you decide? And how do you feel about it later?

Step back and think about your goals and your past choices as you weigh whether this new tool or process will actually help. As yourself whether you are pursuing excellence or have tipped over into seeking something perfect.

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