Dropbox Has New Productivity Tools for You


Dropbox has some new tricks for you.

The beauty of Dropbox, to a great degree, lies in its simplicity.

When you create an account, install this productivity tool on your various devices, and then add files or documents to it, those items are available to you wherever you have it installed.

But Dropbox is much more than  a place to just store documents, photos, and other material.

Recently, developers have added a number of productivity features aimed at making Dropbox more flexible and user-friendly – and especially at making it a tool that will be more attractive to business users.

Dropbox – New Productivity Features

So here are some of the capacities that have been added recently:

  • A new scanning feature allows mobile users to snap a picture of something — a receipt, a whiteboard presentation, a sketch or a note on a napkin — and “scan” it into their Dropbox.
  • Not only that, but for business-level users, these scans will be searchable, thanks to new optical character recognition (OCR) functionality that Dropbox is making available for its top paying customers. (Dropbox already has full-text search capabilities for other uploaded documents.)
  • Also from your mobile device, you can create Microsoft Office docs. Just click the plus button to create a Word, PowerPoint, or Excel doc and save it in your Dropbox automatically.

Sharing is Easier Now

Screenprint of Dropbox Sharing

You simply right-click on a file or folder to share it from your desktop. There’s no more redirecting to the web or copying a link to email. You have the ability to determine what level of access individuals should have. In this new release, users of the free version have the ability to share folders in read-only mode. (This had only been available to paid users previously.)

Screen print Dropbox Comment

If you’re working with shared documents, you can now comment on specific parts of a file from your browser.

Simply select the area you want to highlight and then add your comments.

In the past, it hadn’t been possible to focus on a particular part of a file or document. Now you can give much more precise, targeted feedback from anywhere within a file preview.

Another handy new feature allows users to view the version history of a document. This means that you can go back to an earlier version if something goes awry.

Overview of the Productivity Tools

For a quick overview of the new productivity tools available, take a look at this video:

Here’s a link to more information on the Dropbox website. I invite you to take a look if you’re a current user – and to consider this productivity tool for yourself, if you haven’t tried it yet. Here at The Time Finder we use it quite a lot, and are very pleased with the results!

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