Effective Changes in Tough Times — Here’s Your Key

challenges and effective changes

Let challenges help you make effective changes.

Making effective changes in your life no matter what challenges you face is a powerful skill.

And it’s always within your reach. Yes, even when the going gets tough.

The secret to meeting profound challenges is reframing them for yourself. You are embarking on a journey within, and persisting with your journey is vital.

It will get you where you need to go.

And, as Carl Jung wisely described this journey of change, it’s “Not around, but through.”

Effective changes don’t just grow on trees…

Confusion and ambivalence very often (if not always) accompany the early stages of real change.

It is human nature to plan and act in rhythms and patterns. So when change disrupts rhythms, you may feel painfully wrenched from a life you valued. Yet that discomfort can serve as a catalyst for lasting change.

Deep down inside, you know that things will never be the same. Any comfort you hope to regain lies on the other side of struggle.

Here is your first step to navigate difficult times:

Create space to consistently and safely encounter uncomfortable feelings.

This may feel like the very last thing you want to do. And that is why it needs to be the very first thing.

Support yourself by scheduling a feeling and processing period into your day. And reassure yourself that the more consistently you incorporate a time to let your feelings out, the less they will leak out at the wrong time.

Because your old coping mode can’t deal effectively with new challenges, you may be beset by a host of painful sensations. Perhaps you feel inadequate and vulnerable. You may blame others. Loss spurs anger, and if untended, anger can descend into incapacitating depression. Don’t allow this to happen.

Rather than bottle up these feelings, find a safe way to express them and review them with compassion.


You can write your feelings down or explore them with a trusted friend or mentor. A support group might help dispel a sense of isolation. When you objectively view your “hot” feelings over time, the distortions lessen. Insights emerge. Effective changes are taking shape.

Only through understanding your unique response to your loss can you develop the overview necessary to perceive the path ahead. You come to accept that you are experiencing a natural response to losing something important to you. This will evolve. Affirming this creates inner space, alleviating some of the discomfort. This prevents you from making rash decisions to “escape” this stage before you have learned its lessons.

Keep going.

As you relax, your alertness increases. By accepting that even profound challenges and losses are a part of life, you mobilize yourself to reflect on your choices. This allows you to align them with your values as well as the situation you now face.

Create an affirmation to carry as a talisman as you move toward effective changes. Gather inspirational accounts of others who have survived and thrived through difficult transitions. Focus on your power to make constructive, short-term choices that will move you forward, one step at a time.

Because the ground is unfamiliar, remain on the lookout for pitfalls, as well as opportunities to get your bearings. Regularly record and review what you are discovering, to make full use of this significant time. When the going gets tough, affirm that:

  • Discomfort serves as an essential catalyst.
  • All change requires moving beyond one’s comfort zone.
  • Compassion and responsibility go hand in hand.
  • Gratitude can help broaden your perspective.
  • Your promise lies in growth.

The more consistently you use this model, the more presence of mind you’ll bring to upcoming challenges. And this is your key to reducing stress and enhancing creativity, so you can live your very best life in the midst of change.

So, how will you get started today? What choices will you make to transform your life for the better?

More help making effective changes:

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