Want to Accomplish Your Priorities? Well, Here’s One Thing That Helps

Accomplishing your priorities is one sure way to increase your efficiency and effectiveness. Yet staying on track with your goals is not easy. Indeed, after you’ve set your priorities, do you find it challenging to balance your goals against the demands and realities that your day presents?  And what about the special challenges you encounter when…

Google Chrome Tricks and Hacks to Speed and Simplify Your Experience

Google Chrome is the go-to browser for more than half of the people on the internet these days. That’s according to some recent statistics about browser usage. So, if you’re not currently a user of Google Chrome, you might want to check it out. And, if you are a user, I’m guessing you wouldn’t mind…

Assistant.to Offers Some Powerful Scheduling Mojo for Gmail Users

Assistant.to is something I recently read about in Sandy Martini’s Get It Done Right print newsletter. Sandy is a friend and colleague, and if you aren’t already familiar with her work, do yourself a favor and check out her website at www.TheMartiniWay.com. So, needless to say, when I read about something in Sandy’s newsletter, I…

Bring Yourself into Focus and Find Time and Energy

Finding focus is an excellent path to finding time. But sometimes we simply can’t tell when we’ve stepped over the line and moved from helpful concentration into rigidity. In yesterday’s blog post I shared 3 steps you can take to find flexibility at the same time that you zero in on your tasks. This is a…

Letting Go – Claim Your Key to Success Today!

Letting go isn’t necessarily something that springs to mind when you think about efficiency and effectiveness. Yet, when it comes to being your most productive self, letting go is a powerful and necessary tool in your Heart-Based Time Management™ toolbox! Letting go — a simple, open-handed gesture — can give you keys to open new doors 

Stages of Change and Your Time Choices

Have you heard of the 6 stages of change? Change is one of the constants in our lives – and we often tend to balk at changes. So that’s where the idea of stages of change becomes really helpful! In 1997 psychology professor James Prochaska created a very 

Transition Effectiveness Tips Help You Navigate Any Challenge

Transitions and changes are happening in us and around us all the time. Sometimes they are challenging, and sometimes they are nearly invisible – like our in-breath and out-breath. But what about the tough ones? The transitions that you dread? What if you could face your upcoming challenges with more anticipation and less