Emotional Eating and You: Feed Yourself What You Need with Melissa McCreery’s Timely Rescue Plan

emotional eating peace with foodEmotional eating is a challenge that many people, and most especially many women, grapple with on a daily basis.  It can be most challenging for women who are generally high achievers and who have experienced success in many areas of their lives.  Emotional eating becomes, for them, an especially frustrating and confounding conundrum.

“I am able to follow through and accomplish my goals in so many areas, so why does this still trip me up?”

“Why can’t I get myself under control?”

Well, one of the reasons that emotional eating turns into such a struggle for so many people is that the knee jerk reaction (and much of the advice of the ‘experts’) generally focuses on the “eating” part of the equation while neglecting the “emotional” part.

Emotional Eating

But when it comes to finding time for meaningful change, it’s exactly the opposite that works.  You don’t need another diet; what you need  is self care that really works. That means creating a new relationship with food – and at it’s core, what that means is creating a new and deeper relationship with yourself!

Unfortunately, when we’re making time for self care, we often look for shortcuts rather than actually engaging with ourselves to discover what we truly need and want. In that, we treat ourselves, not like friends but like virtual strangers – offering what we ‘should’ want, but not what actually resonates in our hearts.

And so, it’s no surprise that we remain hungry … hungry in ways that confuse, discourage and thwart us.

Our attempts to feed our deep hunger with emotional eating don’t make us bad people.  We are trying to care for ourselves, but using a medium (food) that can’t address the need we feel.

This is the practical and hopeful message that I find in a brand new book titled The Emotional Eating Rescue Plan for Smart, Busy Women: Make Peace with Food, Live the Life You Hunger For.  This is an engaging, practical, insightful guide by psychologist Melissa McCreery that walks you through a 28-day journey toward your own, unique brand of peace with food.

emotional eating and perfectionismYOU are the key, and Melissa’s book really supports you in staying focused on that.  There’s no ‘right’ way to go about finding peace, so you can remove the stressful voice of your inner perfectionist from this conversation!  And after all, that’s a voice that only makes you feel emptier (and hungrier).

Instead, find time to get to know yourself and what you need.  Curiosity is what serves you here.  Curiosity and patience and engagement.

If you’re curious to hear more right now, here’s an interview with Melissa about her program and her book!

The Emotional Eating Rescue Plan is about finding time to be your own good and supportive friend as you explore your hunger and discover what you really need to feed yourself. And when it comes to self care, the time you spend exploring your needs – the things you hunger for – creates a very solid foundation to build on.

So, I am so happy to tell you about Melissa’s newly released book.  It’s a practical, accessible and inspiring resource that offers a really meaningful alternative to the plethora of diet books that clamor for your attention.  And during this first week of her book’s release, Melissa is offering a “Book Release Special” – $70 of added value that you can read about HERE.  The special is available through September 21st, and it’s a great value from a generous coach.  (And even without the special, this book remains one that I absolutely recommend as a resource that will handsomely repay every bit of energy that you invest in it!)

Here’s to your peace with food – and to your time success!

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