Energy, Exercising and IQTELL — Time Finder Favorites for You!

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Time Finder Favorites for you!

Looking back over Time Finder favorites for this past month, I noticed that energy, exercise, and IQTELL were topics that were right at the top of the list for our readers.

I review our blog statistics as part of my ritual for closing out the old and welcoming the new month. It’s one of the ways that I keep my finger on the pulse of Finding Time.

One of the indicators that I always look at is the posts that were most-read and most-shared. Seeing what you were drawn to and most engaged with helps me make decisions about where to focus my writing energy in the coming month.

Of course that’s not the only element that factors into my decision-making. Compelling ideas and articles that I come upon in my daily reading certainly get considered – and so do readers’ questions and time challenges. But the monthly stats definitely have a hand in shaping what comes next on The Time Finder.

So, without further ado, here are the 5 posts that ranked highly for our readers last month, along with a brief excerpt from each.

Reclaim Your Energy, Joy and Time by Silencing Your Self Criticism!

That negative, critical voice that we all carry around drains the color and life out of the moment, and distorts reality as surely as a wavy mirror at a carnival will.  Silencing the critical voice, and connecting with your heart is like suddenly coming to see clearly again.  The world looks different, you are able to greet it from your powerful core, and that changes everything!

Exercise Time – 5 Tips to Build Muscle, Confidence, and So Much More!

… an important gift you can give yourself is to NEVER think you don’t have the time to exercise!

A Time-Saver – IQTELL Keeps You in Sync on Cyber Monday

IQTELL enables you to collect data from Evernote, from your e-mail, and from whatever items you enter into it yourself. You can then process all of your material into task lists and projects. And as a next step, you have the capacity to organize everything into to-do lists to keep you organized and productive.

Growing Older — Find Time to Appreciate the Experience

Aging is one of those sneaky surprises. Intellectually, you know that with each birthday you’re growing older. However, some consequences of growing older can creep up on you, leaving you without a plan, or even without the time required to make the necessary adjustments.

Going Deeper – The Treasures Buried in Your Time Choices

… the pressures of everyday life often seem to encourage us to skim the surface as fast as we can. But I’d argue that going deeper is actually the surest pathway to the best outcomes ever. Every step you take toward broader, richer, and deeper self-knowledge enhances your efficiency and enables you to make better and better time choices.

Do you see your favorite listed here? Are there time challenges that you’d like to see us explore in future posts? Please drop me a line, I’d love to hear.

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