Energy Management and Your Springtime Chores

Springtime energy management
Energy management and springtime…

What does energy management have to do with spring?

Well, welcoming spring is partly a matter of opening windows. It’s so refreshing, that first day when you feel the light palpably change as you let it stream into the house.

And how magical and exciting to watch the bulbs push their way up through the ground as the returning birds sing through the woods.

And this is also a time when we are energized to tackle spring projects. Some of those projects are seasonal and some of them may be new.

Energy Management and letting go…

As energizing as springtime can be, there’s often, too, a lot of ‘stuff’ to clean up. The snow melts and uncovers what winter has left behind. If you have a lot of that, on top of the usual seasonal chores, the task can feel daunting.

The other day I was remembering a devastating ice-storm we had here some years back. People still talk about it with awe. It was terribly disruptive when it hit, and then come spring, we re-experienced its destruction as the snow disappeared.

The edges of our fields were strewn with trees broken like matchsticks.  The woods were a tangle of fallen branches and shattered trunks. And some of my favorite old trees were just gone, while others were changed dramatically. 

What I recall most vividly was that, in addition to being hard physical work, the clean-up was also energetically and emotionally challenging.

Mix it up…

Not all spring tasks are like this, certainly.  But whenever you are faced with a daunting chore, it’s important to mix it up with other, easier chores.

Bite off small bits, and to take it one step at a time.

And when it comes to energy management, it’s vital to check in with yourself. Pause and gauge where you are mentally and spiritually and energetically. When you feel yourself slipping off-kilter, return to center.

Do this as often as necessary.  You might feel like it is slowing you down, but in fact, it helps you maintain momentum and avoid burnout. This is true, no matter what task or time challenge you are facing.

So, what kinds of chores are on your plate this spring?

And how do you manage your time and your energy as you move through them?

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