Enjoy Your Day, No Matter What — How to Transform It with Appreciation

snowy day - enjoy
Enjoy your day…

When you enjoy your time you are in it. But that isn’t necessarily easy or natural in all situations.

Indeed, the advice to ‘enjoy your day’ may be a challenge sometimes. But taking it to heart and following through on it is well worth the effort.

So, here’s an example from a recent day in my life — one which I wasn’t at first inclined to enjoy. As those who know me are well aware, to say that I’m not a big fan of snow would be a bit of an understatement.  It invariably throws schedules out of whack, makes it more difficult to get around, and adds layers of new complication to many daily tasks around the farm.

So, the other day…

As I watched the snow fall outside my window, I had a choice. I could explore my feelings of annoyance and frustration, or I could take a step back and try something new.

I tried something new, and first took the opportunity to stretch and breathe.

Then I decided to be creative, and find things to appreciate about this snowy development.  So, I started a list and quickly came up with three plusses:

Things to enjoy:

  • There’s no denying the pristine beauty that new snow brings as it transforms the landscape. With no tracks leading anywhere, all possibilities are open.
  • I also love the incredible quiet, as the flakes drift to earth.  Time seems to slow down and the silence is peaceful as I pause to listen and watch.
  • One of my scheduled clients was delayed. This gave me an unexpected opportunity to take some time to meditate — a refreshing gift to myself.

Having made my brief list, I could feel my mood lighten considerably as I turned from annoyance and frustration with reality toward acceptance and appreciation. 

What a difference that small pause made in the quality of my energy as I embarked on the rest of my afternoon and evening.

Want more help?

You face unique questions and are called, continually, to come up with unique solutions. So, I’m offering you something to help. It’s a deck of cards — 50 cards, to be exact. And it’s titled Mindful Moments: Heart-Based Reflections on Time and Life.

Brief and compelling, each card offers you something to think about or reflect upon. And each card is different. I think you’ll find yourself returning to them again and again. Maybe you’ll shuffle the deck and pull out a card about boundaries or self-care. Or perhaps you’ll explore how your energy feels to you right now, in this very moment.

To learn more right now, just click this link: https://thetimefinder.com/MindfulMoments.html

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