Evernote for Windows Just Got Better

Cat and ComputerEvernote is a widely-used productivity tool. We use it quite a lot here at The Time Finder, as it offers the kind of flexibility and organizing heft that we love for finding time.

So I was very interested to read on the Evernote Blog that they’re unveiling a new and improved version for Windows.

How do you get the new version? There’s a link in the Blog post where you can download and install it. Once it’s downloaded, follow the directions in the installer to get it set up on your machine.

So what’s new? Well, according to lifehacker:

There are a lot of great new features in this update. Let’s start with the sidebar: You can now hover over Notebooks to access a search button or quickly add a new notebook, drag and drop notebooks into and out of notebook stacks, and drag and drop notes to the new dedicated Trash icon in the sidebar. Shortcuts are still available, but now found in the top toolbar.

Once installed, Evernote will ‘tidy up’ your notes for faster searching. The goal of this upgrade is to make the navigation and use of Evernote more intuitive for Windows users. So, for example, you can drag and drop tools to the toolbar at the top of your screen in Evernote:


Use this screen to customize your toolbar – Evernote tools at your fingertips!

Another enhancement is the ability to ‘hover’ and find what you’re looking for. When you go to the ‘Notebooks’ section, for example, and hover your cursor over it, you’ll see the option to search for an existing notebook or create a new one. This feature applies to the ‘Tags’ section too.

You can add a Screenshot tool to your tool bar and this permits you to then create a screenshot of anything on your screen. Here’s a screen clip I just created, using this post as the base:


And yes, you can annotate your clips, too!

If creating boundaries between work and home is a challenge for you, this new version of Evernote can help, with it’s Personal and Business tabs (available for Business users). Personal and business content can now exist in two separate spaces, as indicated by the two tabs on top of the sidebar. Using these tabs, you can easily see and distinguish where you’re working and toggle between the two views.

Here’s a video walk-through by Stacy Harmon of this new version of Evernote. It’s quite detailed and helpful – and here is the blog post from Harmon Enterprises that accompanies it.

The video offers a good introduction the features available in this new version of Evernote. If you’re a Windows user and an Evernote user, I highly recommend that you explore and consider implementing this very extensive upgrade.

Here’s to your time success!

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