Everplans – Planning at Its Hardest and Most Meaningful

EverplansEverplans is a service that offers tools for planning what to do and where to keep important information that your loved ones will need access to after you have died.

Memorial Day certainly brings to mind, very poignantly, the necessity for such planning. 

And as difficult as it is, it is also so very necessary! As they say on the Everplans website:

If something happened, what would they do without you? Could they find your will? Turn off your cable? Know how you’d like to be remembered?

From a time management perspective, planning is always a plus.  And in this case, using a tool like Everplans is helpful on multiple levels.

As you take in the fact that you will one day be gone, life takes on a deeper meaning. Click to Tweet

Most obviously, Everplans helps you organize things and make them accessible for those who will be left behind after you die.  Everplans offers step-by-step guides for covering the necessary bases, and also provides you with a place to store and organize the information that will be vital for your loved ones to have.

Everything is stored in an encrypted, private area – and only those you designate (and provide with the necessary passwords) are able to access it.  In this area you’d store things like bank account information, insurance policies, your will and lots of other things that might not spring immediately to mind.

But the other thing that happens, when you begin to explore and use Everplans is that you are confronted, in a new way, with your mortality. Coming to grips with the finiteness of life … really taking it into your heart and knowing it in your bones … is a key element in living fully. As you take in the fact that you will one day be gone, life takes on a deeper meaning.

Everplans includes lots of checklists and worksheets, one of them being an Ethical Will Worksheet. It’s a wonderful tool for reflection and for values clarification. Working with it, you almost inevitably deepen your engagement with your life and your moments.

And that’s really how it works; taking in and planning for your mortality actually enhances your life in the present. What we instinctively avoid actually strengthens and deepens us, when we move toward it with clarity, courage, acceptance and compassion.

So, I encourage you to take a look at Everplans and see what you think.  And more importantly, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to start reflecting on what your loved ones will need to know when you die.  It is a loving gift to give them in the future – and it is a loving gift to give yourself, right now in the present.

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