Exercise for Health in 2013: Keep Yourself Going with Affirmations!

exercise, time and energyExercise is a fundamental key to a healthy lifestyle.  And yet, for busy people, exercise is often the thing that gets shelved to make way for other responsibilities and tasks.

But here’s the thing:  exercise is one of the most energizing and stress-reducing activities you can engage in.  When you skip it, you are undermining yourself.

Exercise:  Keeping it a Priority

So, maintaining an exercise regimen as a priority time choice is an important self-care skill to develop.  And one of the most powerful ways that I know of, to keep yourself going when the going gets tough, is with affirmations.

Below is a list of affirmations you can use as a jumping off place as you work to maintain your exercise motivation.

Exercise Affirmations:  Staying Healthy and Strong in 2013!

And remember that affirmations are highly personal.  They need to connect with your heart if they are going to work for you.  So take these and make them yours … play with them as much as you need to!

I encourage and motivate myself to exercise regularly and keep moving.

I am making big changes with my stress-relieving exercise routine.

No excuses today!  I know that exercising helps … and I am going to continue.

I don’t buy into the idea that exercise is a chore.

I have mastered the regimen of staying fit.

Fitness is not a luxury; it’s a necessity that lets me live a long and full life.

Hard work and hard-breathing exercise are key to reducing my stress.

It feels so good to work up a sweat and clear my mind.

I am in charge of my physical destiny and I appreciate the tremendous benefit my mind, spirit and body receive with each workout.

I have made up my mind to be as healthy as I can be.

I choose to be strong and healthy so I may live a healthy and vibrant life.

I am on a positive path and I will persist on my life journey.

I don’t seek to impress, but rather, I do this for me!

My mind is made up and I know that exercise is the best gift I can give to myself right now.

I am so glad to be exercising today!

Exercise:  It’s All in Your Hands

Can you feel the energy as you read through those affirmations?  That’s power – and it is all there, right inside of you, awaiting your direction.

When you make time choices that allow you to keep up your exercise regimen, you give yourself a gift that will reduce your stress and enhance your productivity and enjoyment of life, no matter what.  So, try using affirmations to give yourself the support and encouragement you need.

Here’s to your happy and healthy new year!

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