Exercise Time and the Holidays: Trim Pounds While You Enjoy the Trimmings!

Exercise TimeFinding exercise time is challenging in the midst of holiday celebrations.

But whatever holidays you celebrate, you needn’t let go of your healthy habits. In fact, you can celebrate and have fun while maintaining the activities that sustain you.

Exercise time is your key to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to holiday festivities. So during this season, the single most important gift you can give yourself is to NEVER think you don’t have the time to exercise!

Exercise time possibilities are infinitely flexible. The only limits are your will and your creativity. Rather than thinking you don’t have time, try these 5 Exercise Time Tips to keep you on top of your game throughout the holidays.

5 Timely Tips to Trim Pounds and Power Up Your Exercise Time

  • Building excitement builds motivation. Create a list of all the activities that make you feel better. These might include sports, outdoor projects, dancing, hiking, rock-climbing, or workouts at the local gym or pool. Make your favorites the cornerstone of your workout.
  • Set some goals for yourself. List which parts of your body you want to strengthen or tone. This enhances your motivation even more! And it’s a win-win, because most exercise activities are accomplished more safely and effectively with stronger core muscles. Setting personal goals helps you improve your form and avoid possible injuries.
  • Small, doable chunks are just fine! List 3 new exercises that will help you accomplish your goal. This doesn’t have to involve a huge time commitment. You can strengthen most muscle groups quite efficiently in short bursts of activity.
  • Flexibility frees you.  Identify exercises you can perform without needing props. These will be excellent activities to use as ‘breaks’ when you are doing other things. Whether you are working at a desk or in your kitchen, on a couch or at a meeting, these are exercises can be done almost any time. Examples include isometric exercises (no props at all) and activities using exercise bands, chairs, or walls as props. The key here is to use these exercise “breaks” to optimize two powerful benefits:
    • Focusing on your target areas and
    • Putting your worries out of your mind.
  • Get into a routine.  Build into your day each of the 3 exercises you’ve listed above, and start by doing them at least 3 times during the week. Challenge yourself to do these exercises quickly and well. If it helps you can make a game of it. Be sure to record your progress. (And you will definitely make progress if you stick with this routine!)

Maintaining exercise as a regular part of your day is a powerfully productive use of your time.  And exercise time is even more vital when the holidays arrive.  Here are a few of the benefits that your exercise time provides:

  • Discharging tension,
  • Refreshing your outlook,
  • Flooding your body with oxygen and endorphins,
  • Improving your flexibility,
  • Staying fit and trim and avoiding holiday weight gains, and
  • Enabling you to perform your favorite activities with increased strength.

How many other time choices can you think of that provide such a wide and powerful array of benefits?  Tuck these mini-sessions of exercise time into your holiday time repertoire and be sure to make special note of the workouts you welcome most. The success you experience will encourage you to keep building on it, as you explore new ways to make the most of your moments and find time.

Oh, and don’t forget to stretch and validate yourself, as you wrap up your exercise time!

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