Explore Mindfulness to Enlarge Your Time and Enhance Energy

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Explore mindfulness to thrive…

When you explore mindfulness you give yourself some powerful gifts.

Your sense of time expands when you’re mindful. And this, in turn, enhances your energy.

You have access to more of yourself. Not only that but following through with your wise time choices becomes more straightforward, too.

Mindfulness is heart-based.  It focuses and opens you so you fully enter into each moment. What could better position you for making your best time choices all day today?

Explore mindfulness to expand…

Mindfulness helps you exercise all of your strengths and skills for making wise time choices. It is the synergy that results when you are focused and present in your life. So mindfulness is always intimately linked to how you experience your time and energy.

Let’s say your morning is becoming hectic  Too much is coming at you from all directions.  Here’s how to tap into mindfulness to help yourself:

  • Stop, just for half a minute, and listen to the cadence of your breath.
  • Remember the promise you made to yourself earlier, to stay with your priorities.
  • Refer back to the very simple To-Do list you had prepared — the one with everything necessary on it (and nothing else).
  • Feel your mind clear.
  • Now, take another relaxed breath and feel your sense of balance return.

It’s quietly empowering…

Your choice to explore mindfulness helps you decide not to answer that low-priority call just yet.

You feel clear about what’s essential and you do those things. Maybe you add a few items on your longer-term To-Do list.

Importantly, you also remember to look out the window a few times, and you finish work in plenty of time.

This is the power of mindfulness in action.

Explore mindfulness to live your full potential…

Any moment you choose to tune into mindfulness, you become stronger. That’s because each useful time choice you make helps you develop and refine your focus, self-reference and growing confidence in your capabilities.

Each and every second offers you an invitation to tune in, deepen into your center and operate from a place of inner abundance and focus.

Validating yourself further reinforces the positive effects. Notice how good this incremental, heart-based approach feels, and how manageable a process it is. It’s organic and expansive, as each step builds naturally from the positive choices you make.

How are you making mindfulness a part of your daily life?   What will you do today to tap into this power that you hold?

Here’s more help…

Have you had times in your life that just felt good to you? Moments that you would go back to if you could? I call this your ‘Ideal Day” and it’s different for each of us. What do you picture when you imagine something like that for yourself? Are you peaceful and quiet? Maybe you’re focused and fully engaged in a project or pursuit. The answers will be unique to you, but what’s always the same, though, is that it’s something you can give yourself whenever you choose.

So, let me share my E-Guide titled Living Your Ideal Day: How to Move Past Barriers and Find Your Way to More Time, Space and Energy. This E-Guide and its bonus checklist offer a path to deeper self-knowledge along with practical, heart-based time wisdom. Ready to become an expert in living your time to its fullest? Living Your Ideal Day will get you started.

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