Facebook Finally Lets Us Fix Our Posts, Saving Embarrassment AND Time!

Facebook FeatureFacebook added a feature last month that many people had been requesting for a long time – the ability to edit a post after sharing it.

So now, when you notice that typo RIGHT AFTER you published your entry, you can fix it on  the spot.

This is a huge help because most of us, given the choice, don’t actually WANT typos or other errors in your news feed.

Facebook Edit FeatureThe way it works is very straightforward.  After sharing something on Facebook, if you notice something you want to change, just click the small arrow in the upper right-hand corner of your post.

You’ll see the list of choices illustrated to the left here.

Click “Edit” and your post will open for you immediately – AND you’ll have the ability to edit it in whatever way you want.

Facebook Edits and Time

The way this feature is a big time-saver will be clear to anyone who has tried to edit a Facebook post in the past.  Since there was no way to make small tweaks and edits, you were left with a tough choice: Either delete the post and start again, or leave it as is – with mistakes or misstatements there for everyone to see.

And, of course, if you chose to remove your post, you also removed any likes, shares or comments that were associated with it.

So there was a hefty down-side to deleting a post, and this editing capacity that Facebook has added is a real boon. Now you can go back in and make changes to your heart’s content (Perfectionists beware)!  😉

Facebook Edit History

Facebook Edit HistoryWhen you do make an edit in a post, this is noted at the top of the post, and anyone clicking where it says “Edited” will see a pop-up that gives the entire edit history of the post.

This seems a sensible and useful feature – especially when edits change the meaning of a post.

Facebook Pages in the Queue

From what I can tell this feature isn’t yet available for Facebook Pages, but it is slated to be part of the roll-out.  And mobile apps are also included in this upgrade, which started with web-users, then Android users, with iOS next in line.

Have you tried the Edit feature yet?

I think it’s a wonderful time-saver, and look forward to its wider implementation on Facebook and Facebook Pages.

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  1. Sophie Bowns says

    Ah that’s good, I’m always making spelling mistakes on FB.

  2. Hee hee! Perfectionists beware! Love that! Yes, I’ve used this feature a lot. Thanks for the post. Visiting from the blog challenge!

  3. Ah yes, I started using this new feature the minute I saw it was available! LOVE it!! Cindy, visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge on FB

  4. I need this feature on the last blog I commented on…Yes, I use it frequently! Veery needful change!

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