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Facebook MarketingFacebook marketing is an important ingredient in the business plans for many coaches, solopreneurs and small business owners these days.  But Facebook marketing can feel like a moving target sometimes, can’t it?  Between changes in Facebook itself, and the new tools and applications that are continually being developed, the landscape can be confusing, contradictory, and downright confounding.

That’s why I always find Mari Smith to be a wonderful breath of fresh air.  Knowledgeable and ever-gracious, she shares a wealth of information about Facebook and social networking on her blog and website.

In addition, she sends out a weekly e-mail (“The Social Scoop”) in which she and her team go through hundreds and hundreds of articles,  blog posts, and tips about social media, and Mari picks 5  of them to share in her e-mail.  And because of the usefulness and popularity of these e-mails, Mari has created an archive, which can be accessed at this link.

This week, Mari shared a fascinating piece titled “13 Ways To Boost Your Facebook Edgerank Status.”  This is from Simply Zesty, a digital agency based in Dublin that works with companies, worldwide, to help them reach their target audiences digitally.

So, as you can imagine, Facebook marketing is something that Simply Zesty has some ideas about!  I found their tips to be clear and down-to-earth; thought-provoking; sometimes surprising; and, in many cases, easily adopted with just some small tweaks to our already-existing processes.  Here’s an example of one of the 13 tips that I hadn’t seen so clearly articulated, to date:

Understand The Weight Of Actions

No actions are the same on Facebook and unsurprisingly different actions have varying effects on your Edgerank status. For one, shares carry the most weight since it gives your content a greater chance of appearing in feeds. Next comes comments, then likes and finally clicks.

Saying you should aim for shares is a rather short-sighted advice so instead, take a look at a number of pages, both similar and different to your own, and see what type of content gets shared the most. It will give you ideas as to the type of sharable content that can tie into your own page.

Tips like these help demystify Facebook marketing (at least until the rule change again) and enable solopreneurs and small business owners to adapt their strategies so that time spent has optimal impact.  I know that I, for one, had not considered, in such detail, the varying weight of actions and how they affect where items appear in the feed.  The clarity and accessibility of the tips shared in this Simply Zesty post were most refreshing.

So, as you think about your own Facebook marketing plan, I hope you consider Mari’s Social Scoop.  Its arrival every Friday is something we certainly welcome here at The Time Finder!

What time challenges do you grapple with the most when it comes to Facebook and other social networking sites?  Drop me a line – I’d love to hear (and help)!

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with any of the tech products mentioned in this post and have not received any compensation for sharing this content.

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