Facebook News Feed Changes: Timely Tips

Facebook News FeedFacebook is implementing changes to its News Feed, and finding time to be up to speed on what’s coming is a good idea if Facebook is part of any on-line marketing that you do.  (And if Facebook isn’t part of your marketing strategy, now is a good time to create a plan for making it so!)

Facebook News Feed Changes

The redesign of Facebook’s News Feed appears to be primarily focused on decluttering the feed, with a greater emphasis on user control over what is visible.  You will be able to choose from different categories of feeds, viewing Friends’ information, the feeds of people you Follow, etc.

In addition, there is a much greater emphasis on images in this new Facebook News Feed.

Here is a brief video, produced by Facebook, that walks you through the changes (in a very general sense).


Facebook Changes:  Think Pinterest

Visual content will be key in the new Facebook News Feed.  So, if you have been exploring Pinterest, you may want to think about becoming more Pinterest-like in your thinking about Facebook.

Here at The Time Finder we have been focusing on creating and posting some of our Finding Time Tips as images, and as the new News Feed is implemented, you’ll be seeing more of these in our Facebook feed!   🙂

HubSpot has published a very useful report about the coming changes titled “How the New Facebook News Feed Changes Your Content Strategy” that you can read about on their blog, and download there (it’s free).  And as you think about/prepare for the roll out of the changes to Facebook, I suggest that you keep an eye on Mari Smith’s Facebook Page for the latest tips!

From everything we’ve read and seen so far, the rollout of these Facebook changes is going to be slow.  You can read more about it and join the wait list by clicking here.  The more you explore now, the better prepared you’ll be when the changes take effect!

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