Fear Stealing Your Time and Energy? Make 2015 Different!

Fear stealing your time?

Is fear stealing your time and energy?

Fear is so debilitating! It robs you of confidence and creativity while wasting your time and siphoning off your energy into dead-end worries and what-if’s.

Fear is also, quite often, unrealistic and unnecessary. It’s all about the stories we learned and the stories we tell ourselves.

If scarcity of time or money … or anything … was something that was a worry in your family, then it’s easy to bring a heightened concern about those things into your present-day life. And if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner today, you can probably see how worries about scarcity might have a large impact on your decision-making. Indeed, unexamined beliefs from the past can be very distorting when brought to bear on choices that need to be made here and now.

But what does this have to do with your time?

Well, for one thing, time spent worrying or spinning in fear is time lost to other activities.  And it’s not just that the time is lost – you are quite literally diminishing yourself with the negativity. Your energy is sapped and you have much less access to creativity and problem-solving skills.

Living in fear you are putting yourself in fight or flight mode – and those are very limited options!

So the first thing I advise for finding time is to take a deep breath and notice what is happening.  What are you telling yourself that is fueling fear?  And how can you change that debilitating script?

Of course, if there is something real to worry about, that needs to be addressed.  But in the vast majority of situations looking directly at a fear and NOT reacting out of old lessons and experiences helps bring its proportions down to a manageable size.

Fear and worry needn’t be hallmarks of your moments in 2015. You really can turn this around for yourself by changing how you frame and think about things.

This has a profound effect on the quality of your energy and the quality of your time.  And as you make seemingly small shifts in your perspective, you turn things around for yourself, creating a positive spiral that builds on your successes.

So here’s to creating new messages for yourself as you move ahead into a brand new year.  I look forward to continuing this journey with you!

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