Feeling Drained? Maybe Anger is Devouring Your Energy

Anger blame power graphic

You hold the power…

How does chronic anger poison your productivity and fuel stress?

When you misinterpret an important message due to a simmering resentment, how long does it take you to restore healthy communication?

All too often, unprocessed anger is a sinkhole for energy and time. Even chronic irritations are mud slicks just waiting to be slipped on.

But you can relate to daily setbacks without losing your footing. In fact, I invite you to convert that sludge to vibrant, positive energy.

Here are some steps you can take, starting right now.

Creating Positive Energy from Dirty Anger

What if you reframe your anger today, viewing it simply as a useful signal that something needs to change?

And then what if you promise yourself that you will grow to meet this important challenge? Keep that promise and you stand in your power.

When you embrace “the anger challenge” to solve underlying problems, you:

  • Access energy formerly mired in resentment.
  • Lower your stress.
  • Increase your contentment.

To enjoy these benefits, let’s explore 3 essential tools for dismantling a common anger-based time trap – Blaming others for your lack of time.

Anger, Energy, and Growing Beyond the Blame Game

Maybe nobody even knows you blame others for being short on time. Even if you’re doing it silently, inside, it still paralyzes your productivity. And you feel like a victim all the time. Why not try out the following options instead?

1. Proactivity:

When you think, “This person takes too much of my time” reframe that thought. Tell yourself, instead, “I give this person too much of my time.” Then ask yourself:

  • What does it give you to forfeit this time?
  • How can you change this equation?

Start small to build muscle. Owning your role in your time shortage = owning your power.

For maximum power, explore your ability to “change the dance” by changing just your steps. When you don’t need anyone to cooperate with you, no one stands in your way.

2. Creativity:

To reframe your mental picture of your time, adopt the following mantra:

“I alone decide how I use my time.”

Granted, you can’t levitate out of traffic jams or force your way past the receptionist. But with creativity, you truly do determine the quality of your time. So how do you create the quality of your time?

Count on creativity as your first resort when proactive negotiations won’t alter a stagnant situation. Envision your upcoming day and anticipate logjams. Start brainstorming now so you meet setbacks with ingenuity and self-possession.

3. Relativity:

Many daily annoyances that sap energy and productivity are quite workable when viewed more broadly. Try these questions, to gain
additional perspective:

  • How important will this seem in 5 days? 5 weeks? 5 years?
  • How might others’ perspectives inform your options?
  • What mindsets create instant time abundance?
  • If you were your guardian angel, what advice would you give?

Remember, if your day were a treasure map, you’d discover valuable time hidden under your resentments. Dig deep, strike gold and celebrate your newfound time and energy.

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