Feeling Gratitude — How It Changes Your Energy and Experience of Time

joyful feeling gratitude
Feeling gratitude increases your joy.

Feeling gratitude and then expressing it expands your heart, adds to your joy, and boosts your energy whenever you do it.

It’s amazingly powerful — the way that feeling gratitude affects our energy and, by extension, our lives. 

Gratitude is about how you look at your world, how you move through your days, and how you experience your moments. It is a fundamental value, and the ultimate way to make full use of your time.

In their book Character Strengths and Virtues, Christopher Peterson and Martin E. P. Seligman describe feeling gratitude as “an enduring thankfulness that is sustained across situations and over time.”

There are two types of gratitude, personal and transpersonal.  Personal gratitude is about thankfulness towards an individual, whereas transpersonal gratitude is a constant and fundamental appreciation of the world.

Feeling Gratitude and Expressing It

It is important to experience and express appreciation to others specifically and frequently.

  • So, think about how many times a day you actively thank someone?
  • And how often do you feel the energy of awe and wonder?

As an informative exercise, jot down each time you feel grateful for anything. After 3 or 4 weeks, go over your documentation and identify patterns in your gratitude.

Also document lapses. Are there days when you are so absorbed in the activities of daily living that you “forget” life’s gifts?

What does this tell you? What happens to your energy? Do you habitually see the glass as “half empty” or “half full”?

An exercise for feeling gratitude:

There is a simple exercise I’ve practiced for many years. Here’s how it works:

Each night, right before sleep, list at least 3 gratitudes you are aware of for that day. These blessings can be anything you notice and appreciate. Be as specific as you can.

That’s it.

Recently, I asked a client if she was continuing her nightly gratitudes. She vigorously nodded. “It keeps me positive,” she responded. And it does. It helps you maintain enthusiasm, even in challenging times. Soon it becomes automatic to appreciate your moments.

Ready to put your gratitude into action? 

Tip and action step:

Tip: Feeling gratitude relaxes and energizes you.

Action Step: Cultivate a glass-half-full perspective by writing a brief note of thanks to someone who’s brightened your day. Mail it without expectation of response, and warm yourself with your own inner glow.

Exploration: By telling someone, either verbally or in writing, how much you appreciate them and their choices, you create a path for a positive connection. You let the other person know that she has been seen and that her actions are significant to you. It is particularly helpful that you validate others in concrete, specific ways.

For example, you might say, “I really appreciate your suggestions for revising my project. Your feedback improved the outcome and I appreciated the thoughtful way you gave it to me.” This acknowledges both the tangible and intangible contributions that the other person made.

Learning to feel and then express your gratitude is, indeed, a gift.

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