Find Abundant Time with a Quick Shift of Perspective

What is abundant time, and how do you find it? Finding time that feels spacious and energizing lifts you out of the doldrums.

So how can you find quality time that frees you?  Sometimes it’s simply a quick change in attitude that brings the sunshine right inside you.

Here’s one mantra that I’ve found helpful:

Engaging fulfills me, acquiring depletes me.

This is a powerful perspective to cultivate. Shifting your goal from acquiring to engaging expands both your vitality AND your sense of time!  Here’s a quick example of how this works in practice:

Let’s say you must meet with people you don’t know well. Perhaps they might help advance your career. You nervously wonder if you have what they’re looking for. If only you had more time to prepare! Your energy starts to drop.

Then, you remind yourself; you’ll manage well enough regardless, AND you have an idea you’d love to share with them. Suddenly, your energy and enthusiasm return! As you relax, you enter into spacious time.

Here’s one thing that helps…

How did you achieve this turnaround?  By “rediscovering” your inner abundance!

With a seemingly small shift, you moved yourself from a scarcity perspective, where you felt anxious to acquire something, to an abundance mentality.  Coming from that mentality of abundance, you remember that you have something that you want to offer.  When you are acting from that place your energy is very different – not constricted and anxious … rather, it is expansive and freeing!

This is the daily magic of wholehearted engagement. It’s like diving into a wave and letting it carry you forward as it crests. Your desire to participate fully in life and in the moment opens your heart and your mind. You fully savor the moment, where all of your power of choice resides!

You are far more likely to feel contented at the end of a day of open-handed involvement. Try it and see … and let me know how it goes for you … I’d love to hear!

…and here’s more for you…

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