Find Flexibility, Focus and Fun with Segmented Planning-Part 1

Finding time to get it all done is your daily challenge.  If you’re like me, you probably like to plan your day ahead.  Planning is a wonderful time management tool.

But what happens when things change?

Take yesterday, for example.  We had some internet connectivity issues and by the time we were up and running again, it felt too late to be posting to the blog.  So, due to some “cyber” issues, we are holding onto our Cyber Monday post ’til next week.

It certainly hadn’t been in my plan for the day to have things held up by a lost internet connection.  Still, those things happen.  As we’ve shared recently in our Finding Time E-zine and at, flexibility is key to making optimal use of your time.

Segmented Planning

One way to enhance your flexibility is to engage in what I call “Segmented Planning.” We’ll be exploring this powerful time management tool over the next several days.

The way it works is really quite simple … and it allows you to significantly enhance your nimbleness (your ability to respond to change) as your day progresses.  Here’s what I suggest:

  • Plan the first part of your day the night before, in some detail, and plan the rest of your day in broader strokes.
  • Give yourself 5 minutes of planning as one of the first things in your morning “segment.  This is your first opportunity to adjust your plan if something has changed during the night.  Also give yourself @ 10 minutes to plan at the end of your first segment.
  • Use the planning time at the end of your first segment to notice how things went and to add, remove, or tweak the timing on things for the rest of our day.  Also, set another planning time that will mark the end of your second segment.
  • Use as many segments as you like, and let it vary from day-to-day, as needed.

Yes, planning really helps…

I find that using segmented planning allows me to really take in the fact that planning isn’t some harsh, critical taskmaster meant to keep me “in line.”  No, planning is for me! My plan is mine, and the more I make it mine the less resistant I am to following through on it.

Giving myself several places during the day where I can adjust to changes before moving ahead is a friendly and flexible way to chart my course and hold to it.  I encourage you to give it a try!

How do you find time for what matters most to you? What gets in your way? Drop me a line … I’d love to help!

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