Find Focus by Culling Your Basket of Time in 2010

Finding time and finding focus in the swirl of priorities and responsibilities that surround most of us is a big, big challenge.  Some days do you feel like you are rushing from one task to the next without a clear plan (or the space to pause and make one)?

That’s because time is finite.  If you think of your time as a basket, you can easily see how, when it’s full-to-overflowing, important things can fall out.

In that familiar scenario it’s easy for your goals and values … what makes you YOU … to get lost somewhere in the shuffle.

Culling helps…

I remembered this yesterday when I read a comment that my friend and colleague Wendy Battles, the Clean Eating Coach, left on The Time Finder.  She was commenting on our post titled “Find Time by Culling Your Basket of Time!” and reported that she had recently taken the difficult step of letting go of a networking group that she loved – in order to find time for other priorities. 

While it was a loss, and a challenging step to take, it was also clearly a relief – and allowed Wendy to move ahead and feel more in charge of her time.

Remember … “One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it.” Sidney Howard

How about you?

Are there things that you could cull from your basket of time as you move into 2010?  Are you prepared to follow Wendy’s lead and put your priorities into action by letting go of something?  You can do it – and you’ll be glad for the enhanced focus and energy that you’ll experience, I guarantee!

I invite you to give it a try.  Make a list and start by letting go of something small … and let me know how it goes.  I’d love to hear!

And then there’s this…

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Let’s explore time together …


  1. Paula Harvey says

    This is great advice Paula. I also find it useful to set my intentions and use them as a method for prioritizing. If I’m asked to do something or find myself being distracted by an activity, I simply ask myself if the acitivity supports my intentions. If not, I say no. If yes, then I do it.

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