Find Focus Fast — Right Now!

Still water

Find focus in stillness.

Finding focus when you’re under stress is challenging – and yet it’s vital to your success.

Picture yourself at work with a deadline approaching, your phone ringing, co-workers knocking on your door with questions … can you see it?

Focus is what you need to meet your deadline – and focus is exactly what you DON’T have in this moment.

So how do you find focus in the midst of chaos?

It’s actually simple – and it requires letting go, for just a moment, of EVERYTHING. Here’s what you need to do …

Find Focus Right Now

  • Disconnect.
    This may be the hardest step, because it means letting go of what you’re feeling the most pressure to complete. But you have to do it to get your focus back. So turn away from your computer, put down your phone. Do this before you take your next step.
  • Be still.
    Just breathe in and out. You don’t need to DO anything. Your job is to just be. Let go of the pressure you feel and sink into this moment.
  • Look and Listen.
    As you let stillness sink in, notice what is around you. Engage your senses. What do you see? What do you hear?
  • Smell.
    It’s important to engage ALL of your senses, and the sense of smell is one that we often forget about. But nothing quite ‘brings you to your senses’ like engaging your sense of smell. Focusing on this puts you right smack dab in the present moment.
  • Be still
    Let yourself be still again, note that you are grounded mindfully in this moment. Breathe in and out as your body relaxes.
  • Re-connect
    Now return to your day. Refreshed and re-focused, do you feel how your energy is renewed? Not only that, but the pressure and stress you had been feeling moments before has dropped away.

Engaging your senses in this way is a sure path back to focus and productivity when overwhelm seems to have taken over.

You hold the key, always, to reclaiming your power in each and every moment. Isn’t that the best news ever?

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