Find Strong Time and Stop Snowballing Stress!

SnowballIn yesterday’s Time Finder post I wrote a little about our latest snowstorm and dealing with the stress it triggered.

Enlarging on that thought, I would note that stress not only affects our productivity and health.  It also affects the quality of our experience of time.  It affects how our moments feel and that, in turn, affects our perspective, our time choices, and our overall quality of life.  To use an apt seasonal metaphor, stress always snowballs!

Strong Time and Stress

There is something you can do about it, though.  It’s a time choice you can make, in each moment, to deepen and enhance your experience of time.  Stress doesn’t need to be in the driver’s seat.  How can you turn this around for yourself?

In a recent article in I shared some Time Management Tips – 3 Essentials to Enlarge Your Experience of Time.  The solution is to stop and seek out silence.  Truly, it takes but a moment:

Time management tips can, amazingly, actually be used to enlarge your experience of time. You open your mind to journey from problem-solving time to sacred, or strong, time.

Stepping into strong time helps us connect with the deepest wellsprings of any moment.  Among other things, it stops snowballing stress right in its tracks!  That, alone, enhances our daily experience immensely!

How do you cope with the snowballing stresses in your life?  Is strong time something that you resonate to?  I’d love to hear!

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