Find the Time You Need by Setting a Time Boundary Using the Times Two Rule!

Finding the time to get it all done can be a big challenge – and sometimes a big headache – in today’s fast-paced world.

How often do you find yourself at the end of the day, with your To Do List still full of tasks that you haven’t gotten to?  It’s a frustrating and confidence-busting feeling, isn’t it?

That’s where Time Boundaries come in!  This morning as I was writing this post, I received (very fortuitously) the following Finding Time Tip and Action Step in my in-box:


Build boundaries that embrace each stage of your work.  When you ask for the time you really need, you improve follow-through and build trust.


Before asking for undisturbed time, visualize and carefully estimate the time needed to prepare, complete and review your project. If you’re unsure, multiply your estimate by two. Note how close your estimate came, when you review your results.

There are two key points here:

  • First, it’s very important to set a time boundary … period; and
  • Second – if you’re not giving yourself the time that you need, within that boundary, you aren’t really helping yourself.

As you practice this skill, I suggest that you use the Times Two Rule to estimate the time to set aside.  (For example, if you think it’s going to take you an hour to create an initial outline of your project, double that, and set aside two hours of undisturbed time.

Using the Times Two Rule and setting, then following through, on time boundaries will keep your projects moving as well as building your skill and confidence about managing your time.  It’s very empowering!

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  1. Fabulous advice. I really like that if you use this approach and finish early, it is like bonus time to just be.

  2. Hi Miriam – I love the way you framed the possibilities for the time that may be left over, using the Times Two Rule. You are so right – and what a wonderful and refreshing bonus!

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