Find Time and Courage to Move Ahead by Letting Go: 3 Timely Tips

Finding time is all about saying No to one thing to say Yes to another, as I often say.  The No that you say to one thing is what actually makes your Yes to something else possible, and meaningful.  It’s all about how you make your time choices.

So, let’s pause for a moment.  How do you feel about your time choices so far today?  Don’t come from a critical place or you’ll clam up.  Just let yourself feel.

Are there choices you’d like to change?  Most of us are going to say yes to that … but before you start thinking about how you want to change those choices, let’s pause again.

Ask yourself, what is it that, for YOU, leads you to want to change how you use your time? 

Is it …

  • Restlessness?
  • Ambition?
  • Intuition?
  • Inspiration?
  • Supporting your family?

It can be very helpful to feel out just what creates the desire for a change.  That lays the foundation for future time choices.  Then, having clarified what fuels your desire for change, it’s important to know what ignites it. 

Courage is the key!  Because moving into change means letting go of what’s familiar and comfortable, it’s courage that inspires you to let go to move ahead.

Since your time is finite, and your energy is, too, it’s important to make the kinds of courageous time choices that enable you to move directions that are in sync with your values and your goals.

As you identify new activities that are especially meaningful to you, you may find it easier to limit activities that compete with your emerging goals with these 3 tips to kindle your courage with your enthusiasm:

  • Talk to yourself about the changes you desire.
  • Validate how your new life choices reflect your evolution and growth.
  • Envision yourself on your new path. Feel yourself move.

The more fully you commit to your emerging self, the easier it will be to let go of activities that are no longer a good fit. And the energy you release from your old attachments comes with you – just imagine how you’ll be able to use that!

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