Find Time and Define Your Values with Time Boundaries

ArtichokesIt was very nice to hear from Auntie Artichoke (aka Judy H. Wright) via a comment on last Friday’s post about Finding Time to Ask the Right Questions. I admire Judy’s work, and enjoyed reading her most recent post on Ask Auntie Artichoke. It’s titled “Boundaries in Relationships – Why Do We Need Them?” and it offers a copious, twenty-point list of the benefits to be gained by establishing boundaries in your life.  I encourage you to check it out.

Right at the top of her list is the fact that “Healthy boundaries define who we are and what we value.”

Why do time boundaries help?

I so agree!  Our effectiveness in our lives is directly related to the extent to which our time choices are aligned with our values.  And our use of time boundaries helps us to clarify what we value and create schedules that are reflective of what matters most to us.

In my chapter in the e-book Clutter Free and Clear, I write:

Remember, too, that you can’t really “manage your time.”  Trying to “manage time” is another way you set yourself up for failure.  What you can manage are your choices around time.  That’s the good news, because that certainly gives you the power!

Align your time choices with your values.

Indeed, managing your time choices and aligning them with your values – and then supporting them with solid, steady time boundaries – is one of the most empowering gifts you can give yourself.  When you do that, you are helping yourself to be proactive in your time choices.  You can’t control everything in life, but by using time boundaries and making proactive time choices, you are doing what you can to not be creating frustration and regret in your life.

As we start a new week, think about what you most value in your life right now.  Do your time boundaries support what matters most to you … or do you often set those things aside?

How does that feel for you?  Drop me a line – I’d love to hear!

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