Find Time and Find Your Power by Celebrating Your Power of Choice

Finding time to find your power is one of the most gratifying ways you can experience a new sense of freedom!

You might think that this would be a massive undertaking. But often, it’s as simple as changing your self-talk and reframing the way you look at your responsibilities.

Avoiding these all-too-common verbal traps can help you access your personal power in ways that may really surprise you!

Yes, self-talk matters.

You see, how you talk to yourself sets the stage for whatever you attempt. Half-buried ideas that you hardly notice can set traps for you, sapping your energy and creativity. For example, how often do you resentfully tell yourself or others that you “have got to” do something?  Maybe it’s something that goes against your wishes or your better judgment.  Whatever the task, when you describe it to yourself this way, you are putting yourself in a lose/lose situation.

You prove your point…

If you go forward with the activity, you “demonstrate” that you are ruled by outside forces. According to your victimized vantage point, something is “making you” act against your will.  Acting on this distortion reinforces your image of yourself as a pawn, not the powerful free agent you truly are. Meanwhile, your anger at those you empower smolders along, complicating important relationships.

On the other hand, if you fail to act, you risk undermining important commitments. When you put off what needs to be done, or sabotage a project, you undercut your trust in yourself, and others come to doubt your word, as well.

You can do it!

You deserve so much better … and, yes, you can turn this around!

Speak truth to stand in your power.  Line up your thoughts, your words and your actions with reality. Simply change “I have to” to “I choose to”. It’s true, after all! Remind yourself about all the ways that you ground yourself and empower yourself by overcoming your ambivalence. It may seem like a tiny change, but really, it’s owning your power, and dignifying your life with your power of choice.

See what this does to your feelings about time. Every day becomes an opportunity to celebrate yourself!

I’d love to hear how it goes for you as you step into your power of choice, so drop me a line!

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