Find Time and Flexibility With TinyMCE Plugins for WordPress!

Finding time to make your blog more attractive and user friendly … both to your readers and for you when you’re posting … is time well spent!  One of the best ways that I have found to save time with my WordPress blog is to take advantage of some of the excellent Plugins that are available.

Plugins can significantly enhance and extend the functioning of your blog. There are plugins for just about any task you can think of … from catching spam to creating forms and widgets, to making it easier for people to add your posts to their Twitter feeds and Facebook pages.

I especially love it when I am able to learn about Plugins from people who have actually tried them.  So today I’d like to do that for you, as I share two plugins my VA recently explored and thought were very useful.

The first is TinyMCE Advanced. What this plugin does is add some very nice enhancements to the TinyMCE WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) Editor that comes with WordPress.

When you install this plugin your editing flexibility increases considerably.  You can do things like change the fonts and font sizes, create tables to use in your posts, and use the “Search and Replace” feature when editing (a great time-saver).

For the more technically inclined, TinyMCE Advanced provides the capacity to work with CSS Styles and customize the look, feel, and behavior of your blog far beyond what the basic WordPress setup permits.

Here is a helpful video by Jocelyn Mozak of Mozak Design that walks you through the basics of setting up and using TinyMCE Advanced.

The second plugin we recently explored is TinyMCE Signature. It provides the necessary code for adding your signature to your blog.  Just download the plugin, set up the signature you want to use on your profile page … and you’re done.  It’s as easy as that.

Do you have a favorite WordPress plugin?  One that saves you time or maybe just makes your blogging more fun?  Drop me a line – I’d love to hear!

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