Find Time and Maybe Even Find Twitter Nirvana with Some of These Tools

Twitter ToolsFriday’s Time Finder post focused on some of the challenges people face when learning the Twitter ropes, and getting used to managing Twitter time.

This morning, since it’s “Cyber Monday,” I’d like to share some Twitter Tools that you might find useful.

TweetLater is a tool that I’ve written about in the past.  It gives you the capacity to schedule Tweets, which can be very helpful if you have particular information that you want to share over a period of time, or if you are going to be away.  I’ve included a link to their “What’s New” page so that you can see what they’ve added.  Particularly helpful is the new capacity to view @ replies and to manage tweets across all of your accounts in one place.  This can be a big help if you have multiple Twitter accounts.  (And I do realize that many/most of us are working hard to just manage one at this point – multiple accounts may come later, though!)

TweetDeck is a very popular and widely-used Twitter “dashboard” that allows you to take your Twitter feeds and break them down into smaller pieces. It is very easy to customize it to meet your individual needs – definitely a big time-saver.  You can enter updates from the TweetDeck screen, as well as monitoring your friend’s Tweets, your Direct Messages, and your @ replies.

Tweetvisor is another Twitter dashboard with lots of very helpful features.  (My VA has been exploring this particular tool and has been very, very positive about her experiences with it!)  You can view and manage multiple accounts here, enter Tweets, and – a very interesting and helpful feature – search for different Keywords.  For example, a search on the words “finding time” will bring up all Tweets including that phrase (quotation marks around the words will ensure that the exact phrase is searched for).  You can then save your search and easily retrieve/refresh it another time.  OR, you can flag it as your “Hot Topic” and it will appear on your dashboard and be refreshed at intervals you choose.

Twitter100 is a tool that will show you the latest updates from 100 of your followers.  It’s a nice way to be able to easily scan what the folks in your “neighborhood” are saying!

Twitsnip (from Twitter Grader) is the last (thought certainly not the least) tool I want to highlight today.  Twitsnip makes it very, very easy to post text from web pages in Twitter.

As it says on the site, “TwitSnip is a simple tool for easily posting to Twitter. It lets you “quote” text on any web page. It does nifty things like looking up the @user for the website and linking back to the source. It shortens the URL too. It even tries to shorten the length of the tweet (when needed) using a twitabulary of short words.”  And it really does do all that!

Have you tried any of these Twitter tools?  If you want to manage your Twitter time more efficiently, I’d recommend that you give some of them a whirl.  (And I’d love to hear what you think!)

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  1. Hi Paula,

    What a great post chock full of lots of helpful Twitter tips and resources. I’ll be checking these out this week. I haven’t used any of them yet but I do like as an option.

    Hats off to you for making it easier for us!


  2. Thanks for the kind words, Wendy. I was just thinking today that it would probably be good to add “Twitter Tools” to my sidebar links. Would you find that useful?

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