Find Time and Set Priorities with External Values

Finding time for what matters most can be a challenge in our busy lives.  As you might imagine, it is an even greater challenge when we aren’t clear ourselves about what matters most!

What are those things?  They are our external values.  For many of us, our top 5 external values might not spring immediately to mind.  Here’s a definition from my recent article titled Time Management Tips – Combat Chaos With External Values:

Your external values direct how you spend time in the areas of your life that are of utmost importance to you, such as your work, your family and/or your health. When you were younger, you absorbed the values of your parents. However, as you develop your own vantage point, you tend to redefine these values and their importance to you. For example, as you age, the significance you place upon your health and spirituality might increase, while the emphasis you place on your work might diminish.

Your external values are the “what” and your internal values are the “how” – the process, or the means of achieving your external values.

journalingOne way that you can clarify your values (and by extension, your time priorities) is to create and work with a values journal.  Using this tool for 3-6 months will help you to see the values that you are working off of, be consciously or unconsciously.  Armed with that knowledge, you can then work to resolve any internal conflicts that you uncover, and move toward making increasingly self-referenced and satisfying time choices for yourself.

Remember, the way you use your time is the way you live your life. Do your time choices and priorities reflect the external values that are at the top of your values list?  As you explore your values and your choices, what changes do you think you want to make? I’d love to hear!

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