Find Time as the River Flows

river2As we greet another Friday, and look toward the second weekend in May I’m watching leaves uncurl outside my window.  The air is beginning to be perfumed with lilac. Birds are singing everywhere, as the rain has stopped and the sun rises on a new day.

Spring is such a wonderful time of year! So many tender and dazzling moments!  And yet these spring days, like everything else, flow in the unchanging river of time. As they say, time marches on.

Sometimes it can feel relentless.  Time.

The river doesn’t change, and yet it carries and changes everything! Time.

The daffodils that pushed through the earth in April and blazed in the sun were beautiful, but they have peaked and gone by.  Time.

Now come the lilacs, as the apple blossoms get ready to burst.  Time.

Perhaps there are weddings, graduations, or other occasions on your horizon.  Perhaps Mother’s Day brings with it reflections about the passage of the years.  Time.

As you look back over your life, and ahead toward your future … or even just ahead toward the weekend … how do you feel about this river of time?

  • Do you try to paddle back upstream, against the current?
  • Are you eager to move around the bend that lies just ahead?
  • Do you enjoy riding with the current?

How do you relate to this river?  I’d love to hear!

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Let’s explore time together …


  1. Hey ,
    First of all nice post .Yes ina given time of certain period , few days i am with the currents , few moments i would be against the current , fighting and the current and going in the opposite direction .But whichever i go i try to be in the now and enjoy the flow .If that makes sense to your post .

  2. beingtotal says

    AS IF

    A tiny sparrow lights on lilac stem
    and suddenly flits off again.
    How short life seems, yet also never-ending,
    as if heavy-headed lilacs float forever bending
    to spice Spring breeze with their classic scent
    and splice together Springs with memory’s cement
    so all the years’ kaleidoscope of joy and sadness
    is suspended yet expressed through lilac’s blooming gladness.

    Timeless too, my longing through these years apart
    has etched the imprint of your love upon my heart.
    How short life seems, yet also never-ending
    as if heavy-headed lilacs float forever bending.
    On lilac stems a tiny sparrow lights
    then, like the moment, disappears in flight.

    Teresa Dietze

    April 12, 1992

  3. Hi Sudeep and Teresa – Thank you both so much for your beautiful additions to this post!

    Sudeep – yes – your comments are right on target! I appreciate them.

    And Teresa – what an amazing poem! It is so evocative – and timeless itself – while marking a moment in time on 4/12/92.


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