Find Time to Be More Productive with a Small Change of Scenery

Finding time to function at high levels of productivity isn’t always easy.  Do you sometimes feel like you are in a rut, for no obvious reason?  That can be a very frustrating situation for highly productive people – and it’s one that I was struggling with just the other day.

I have been working on a new product that I am very excited about, but this past weekend I hit a snag.  The concept was clear to me, and I knew where I was headed, but the words just weren’t flowing, and I was starting to feel frustrated and discouraged.

I knew that taking a break to clear my head often helps, but I tried that and it wasn’t working.  And, of course, as we all know, creativity doesn’t thrive under stress and pressure.

Then, the air conditioner in my office went on the blink.  More stress!  I packed up what I needed to continue working on my project, and moved to our living room.  It’s not a place where I ever work, but necessity is the mother of invention, as they say.

And it was a fascinating process.  I had only brought what I needed to work on the product, so my focus was very much defined by that.  And the fact that I was not in my office meant that I was unaffected by the usual routines (and distractions) that exist there.  Nothing was calling out for my attention or pulling my eyes away from the task at hand.

Not only that, but surrounding myself with new scenery also had the effect of allowing my perspective on the project to expand. I found myself being much more productive and creative as I sat in my armchair and worked away.

If you find yourself stuck in a rut and want to get your productive muscles working again, I happily suggest that you try a change of scene.  It may just take something as simple as that to get you moving again!

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