Find Time Boundaries: Say No and Improve Your Relationships!

FenceWhy would I want to say no to improve my relationships?

Well, finding time at any time of year is a challenge – and during the holidays it’s especially so.

You want everyone to enjoy themselves, and often, the most important people in your life are gathered in one place for a limited span of precious hours. It’s at times like these that it’s very tempting to say YES to every request and demand for your time. However, as I noted in a recent article on, here’s what can happen:

If you resist saying no to important people in your life, chances are you experience overwhelm. And this generates enormous stress!

Being in a state of overwhelm and stress during the holidays affects your (and everyone’s) enjoyment of the time you have together.

It doesn’t have to be that way – that’s the good news!

Using time boundaries assertively (not aggressively) can help you recognize that your time is finite AND can help you find the time you need for your top priorities.

And here’s a benefit that you might find surprising!

As you work to assertively communicate and follow through on your boundaries, you’ll also find that your relationships improve.  This is because, while it may be difficult at first (in the way that all change can be difficult), setting boundaries helps clarify relationships and gives them the opportunity to deepen in authentic, meaningful ways.

In my article I offer 5 fundamental benefits that you’ll see in your relationships when you work on saying no in a “firm and friendly” way.  Here’s one of them:

Being authentic encourages authenticity in others. By setting boundaries, you encourage others to clarify their priorities, in turn. Although this may be challenging at first, with practice, you learn how to negotiate to mutual satisfaction. This is one of the most important relationship skills!

Are you ready to say no?

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