Find Time by Changing the Steps of the Dance – Gracefully

dance - two dancersTaking a new step forward doesn’t have to mean taking two steps backward, as the saying goes.

No indeed.

But whenever you do something new, any number of interactions may shift, subtly or dramatically, in response.

A step forward by you can transform how you move through your moments and your day.  And to borrow another adage (one that I prefer in this context), “When the steps change, so does the dance.”

It’s your dance.

I just love the proactivity and creativity of thinking about it this way!  When you set time boundaries to find more time, you really take positive control. And this works best when you factor in time to establish a new dance and do it gracefully. Fewer toes will get stepped on, and your progress will be that much smoother!

Changing the dance…

Setting a new time boundary will often initiate a chain reaction. That’s because change, whether large or small, disrupts the invisible network of understandings that have evolved over time. Any number of “deals,” real or imagined, may underlie your old arrangements. Often these deals are not articulated. And many times they aren’t even consciously understood.

So, as you initiate changes, be prepared for others to renegotiate their end of things, too. Accepting this in advance means you won’t be surprised by it.  It’ll be a new step in the dance!

Don’t personalize, but prepare.

Do your best to not personalize their choices, and to know that this dance is fluid and evolving. The steps are not set in stone; and all that you have control over is your end of it.  The more practical and cooperative you are, the better your chances for a successful transition to a new dance.

Before you set new boundaries, prepare for discussions to work out details. Sort out where you will actively sponsor certain ideas, and where others can exercise initiative.

These questions help…

Ask yourself some of these questions as you get started:

  • Where can you move ahead independently?
  • Which issues require consensus?
  • What sort of consensus and cooperation will be needed?
  • What falls within your area of responsibility?
  • Which outcomes can you let go of?
  • Where are you willing to compromise?
  • What is non-negotiable?

Many win/win options may exist!

So consider doing some extensive brainstorming before setting boundaries that change the steps in your dances significantly. That prepares you well for crafting satisfying resolutions.

How do you set time boundaries in your life now? How has this impacted the dance of your days?  I’d love to hear your experiences with this. Let me know what you think!

Here’s more help…

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