Find Time by Communicating Your Time Boundaries Clearly

boundary-2In yesterday’s post on The Time Finder, we wrote about finding time to follow through on commitments. One of the things we emphasized was the importance of using time boundaries to make sure you’re able to keep your promises.

Setting time boundaries is not something that necessarily comes easily or naturally to any of us. It’s an assertive skill, and as with so many things, small steps are helpful — and practice makes perfect!

Setting effective boundaries protects your productivity and gives you valuable “breathing room”. The more constructively you set and maintain boundaries, the happier and more effective you will be.

3 Tips About Time Boundaries

In a recent article titled Time Management Tips – 3 Strategies Guaranteed to Simplify Setting Time Boundaries (you can read it at, I explore 3 tips that can help make it easier to set these important boundaries for yourself.

As is so often the case, the way that you communicate is as important as what is being communicated. Time boundaries, by their nature, can lead people to feel excluded or shut out. However, if you communicate them in an inclusive way, that can really help!

For example, using I messages and describing the situation that you are attempting to address helps people to understand the “why” of your time boundary. Including them as helpers in the situation — as opposed to problems that you need to eliminate in order to be able to do what you need to — will help bring them on board with your undertaking.

In the end, it’s important that you are clear, both with yourself and with others, that you need to follow through with your boundary no matter what. Even if others resist or rebel against the boundary you are setting, it truly is your assertive right to set it and to follow through on it.

While good, clear communication can’t guarantee cooperation, describing  your boundary up front and in a friendly, clear, and self-referenced way should help you enlist others’ support.

How does this work for you? I’d love to hear!

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