Find Time by Culling Your Twitter Feed!

Finding time to connect on Twitter is, at least in part, a matter of finding the tweeps that you most want to connect with.

As Twitter becomes more and more popular, more and more people use it … for more and more purposes.  That’s not a bad thing at all – but it can mean that your Tweet stream gets clogged up from time to time with tweets that aren’t really relevant to you.

Enter Si Dawson and The Twit Cleaner!  This tool, recently reviewed by Jade Craven on Twitip, will analyze and categorize the people you follow so that you can make more informed decisions about whether or not you want to continue following them.

It combs through your tweeps and sorts them according to various types of “bad behavior.”  Once that’s done, it sends you a report via DM – and then it’s up to you to review the data and make decisions about culling your Twitter feed.  Here are the categories of “dodgy” behavior:

  • Dodgy – spam phrases, @ spamming, duplicate links etc
  • Absent – No updates in a month, or fewer than 10 tweets.
  • Repetitive – High numbers of duplicate tweets or links
  • Flooding – So high volume you can’t see anyone else
  • Non-Responsive – No interaction & those that follow back < 10%

The FAQ Page is very helpful.  I went to it immediately because I saw some familiar friends listed in my report and wondered why.  Here’s what I found:

… it’s important to understand, The Twit Cleaner doesn’t say someone is or isn’t a spammer. It analyses a whole lot more than that. What it does is identify certain types of behaviors. Your friend (or favorite celebrity, bot, etc) is on the report because they behave in ways that are deemed potentially dodgy. Look at the category headings for more information. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should unfollow them if you don’t want to.

To see why someone is on the report, place your mouse over their picture and you’ll see an explanation.

It is fascinating to review the report.  Once you have it in hand, you have a number of choices as to whether (and how) to unfollow people.  It can be done manually, or in bulk.

The report itself is free.  If you are following up to 2000 people, the bulk actions are free, too.  Beyond that, the fees are:

  • Up to 25,000 – $5 USD
  • Up to 50,000 – $10 USD
  • Otherwise – $20 USD

I have found Twit Cleaner a useful tool that helps me find time by culling my Twitter Feed.  Have you tried it?  Let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear!

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